Eagle Point Farm is a sanctioned training center. Young racing prospects respond to the guidance of dedicated, caring professionals who mesh new techniques with time-honored methods of caring for and conditioning young thoroughbreds. With over 60 years of experience, caring staff and the right facilities we are able to turn out sound, confident and happy racehorses that know their jobs.

Experienced riders and the trainer will take the horses through the necessary stages to build a foundation so they can handle the rigors of training. All horses will be given the basics in one of two round pens as well as time spent in the stall adjusting to the tack and a rider.  On the track, the horses learn how to change leads, gallop in close contact with other horses, and be comfortable maneuvering in and around other horses while galloping. Our horses receive extensive schooling in the starting gates until we are able to get them breaking out in company.  In addition published works are available from the farm.  The finished product is a fit and confident horse that is able to go on to the racetrack and know and be able to perform their job.

The feeding program at Eagle Point Farm is a well balanced diet of alfalfa mixed hay and Tribute Kalm Ultra grain 3 times a day. Other supplements can be added according to each horse's individual needs.

All immunizations are strictly kept up-to-date and includes Flu-Rhino (every 3 months), PHF, EWT (every 6 months) WNV and Rabies (every year). Worming is done on an individual basis. Fecal exams are done on the farm and horses are wormed according to results and previous worming schedules.

Owners with horses in training receive  reports via picture postcard or video with updates on their horses progress.